Voucher – 10% Extra Discount

1. Voucher for 10% Extra Discount shall be given to customers on minimum valid purchase of ₹ 5000.
2. Voucher may be claimed by the customer through single invoice of ₹ 5000 or through separate invoices having aggregate value of ₹ 5000. In case of separate invoices, time period between first and last invoice should not be more than 60 days.
3. Voucher can be redeemed on any subsequent purchase at the store within 90 days from the date of issue of the voucher.
4. Any invoice issued before 12th January, 2020 shall not be considered as valid purchase for purpose of claiming a Loyalty Voucher.
5. Customers can claim a Loyalty Voucher by showing either original invoice(s) or photograph of invoice(s).
6. The invoice on which a Loyalty Voucher is redeemed shall not be considered as a valid purchase for purpose of claiming another Loyalty Voucher. For more details, please contact / visit our store.

(T&C Apply)